Wicked Weddings + Sleuthing Suppers

Combine a night at the theatre and a delicious dinner in the most deadly delightful way, with a Murder Mystery extravaganza with
Murder Incorporated.

A traditional ‘whodunnit’, with a deliciously modern twist! Taking place over a meal at a venue of your choice, our captivating cast of professional actors will set the scene right before your eyes, as they weave through the audience ensuring everyone is caught up in the action!

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Our main aim is to create an unforgettable party experience for everyone to enjoy, and with the gently interactive nature, your party will very much be a part of the storyline! With a variety of hilarious themes to choose from, your party will go off with a bang and have everyone guessing whodunit!

Murder Incorporated high-quality, high-energy, and hugely hilarious mysteries are a perfect compliment to any occasion. We strive to create the best party experience ever, encouraging all guests to work together (even if this is the first time they have met!), to have fun, and to have a little ‘play within the play’!

Ideal for: Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Weddings, Family Gatherings, Halloween Nights, Fundraisers, Work Night Out, Christmas Doo
or just an excuse to party!

Perfect for special occasions, bringing people together, making new friends, and reconnecting with familiar faces (a perfect pre-Wedding dinner activity, or even a Wedding breakfast funfest!).

From Cunning Cowboys, to Gruesome Gangsters, a Wicked Wedding, and some Terrific Tributes, make your perfect party a sleuthing success with Murder Incorporated by your side!