Hotels & Venues: Dinners to Die For

Gripping storylines, captivating characters, and enchanting performances create our interactive, inclusive Murder Mystery events, turning your venue into the perfect crime scene!

Booking a Murder Mystery with Murder Incorporated is the best way to add high-quality theatre entertainment to the menu of your establishment, and have guests dying for more!

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Hosted by a team of highly-skilled professional actors, the show takes place over a meal, with the action unfolding between the courses. Interacting with the audience throughout, our wickedly wonderful Murder Mysteries create a fantastic party experience, offer hilarious dinner theatre entertainment, and offer the chance to sharpen sleuthing skills and take part in a traditional ‘whodunnit’!

From Cunning Cowboys, to Gruesome Gangsters, a Wicked Wedding, and some Terrific Tributes, you can make every weekend a mischievous one with Murder Incorporated.