The Murderous Walking Theatre Company has a wickedly wonderful reputation for creating themed, hosted, interactive party experiences – a perfect solution for a night in, or a weekend out!

Dedicated to creating that special event for your celebration, we offer a variety of themed, hosted parties – a quirky, innovative night of unforgettable entertainment awaits you and your guests, where fun will be had, and memories will be made!

"Poison, my Lady?"

“Poison, my Lady?”

Not only are our Murder Mysteries fully scripted and hosted by professional acting teams, they are also gently interactive, allowing guests to not just watch the events unfold, but play a very vital part in the evenings goings-on!

Our dedicated team of actors skillfully entertain you, whilst drawing you and your party into the action, becoming characters as the mystery unravels…

Our Murder Mysteries create a riotous, unforgettable evening, which are ideally suited to birthday parties, hen parties, team-building, anniversaries, weddings, to any celebration event!

Our aim at The Murderous Walking Theatre Company is to ensure every guest has a murderously good time…and that we discover ‘whodunnit’!